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Our recruitment services are helping our clients to hire professionals across various Roles, Functions, & Levels.

Recruitment services for IT

Fast, effective, reliable IT recruitment agency

  • Interview people that live in close proximity to your location

  • Receive our 6 best CVs within 72 hours

  • Gain access to a rich pool of candidates

Technical understanding

We have a broad understanding of technology and through thousands of conversations with IT professionals, have a firm grasp of the technical responsibilities of all main stream roles. Getting to the technical detail of each of the vacancies we manage enables us to select people that impress at interview.

Instant response

We set ourselves the objective of delivering the very best CVs available within the shortest possible time-frame. We aim to provide a short list of people to interview within 72 hours of you registering a vacancy.

Transform your organisation’s hiring experience with us

  • Interview people that live with close to your office.

  • We choose from 100s of CVs to provide you with the best

  • We offer honest advice and salary guidance


For each search engagement, industry relevant talent is pulled from our knowledge base, which combines salary, industry, location and job description bench-marking. Assessed by a team of senior consultants the results are both accurate and timely.


A transparent methodology that has been proven time and again. Experienced consultants that help ensure that an informed consultation process takes place ensuring effective dialogue with all interested partie

Recruitment services for Non-IT jobs
Speedy Services to the Clients

There are clear benefits to speeding up your recruitment, but making the necessary changes can feel like an intimidating task at first.

It might go against everything you’ve been told before but creating a faster recruitment process might be the secret to hiring the best candidates.

One of the goals for many organisations is to have the competitive advantage in their industry. Therefore, a faster hiring process can help to elevate companies ahead of their competition as after employing the highly-skilled candidate, their productivity and innovation rates will rise immediately.

We at SK Talent Hunters simply make it happen.


We prescreen the applicants and provide a test that the applicant must perform well to be considered for a job. The practices ensure that the we always have a pool of qualified candidates waiting to be employed. When we shortlists such candidates who have gone through a pretest and prescreening, you can be sure you will have a competent employee.

One of the best ways to know how someone will perform on the job is to see them in action. We ask candidates to participate in a mock-up scenario similar to those they would actually encounter on the job. This is an excellent way to test for skills and personality characteristics related to customer service, problem solving, negotiation, compassion, empathy, stress tolerance, and critical thinking.

High Performance
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